can anyone describe where it is, or give a link to a diagram? i'm trying to replace it and my water pump, but the thermostat isn't where i thought.

there are only 2 hoses to the radiator from the engine, and i thought it was located between one of the hoses and the block, or am i just overlooking it?

yep follow the top hose back to the motor is where it will be just inside the motor not the hose its inside a housing…. you’ve to remove a couple bolts its simple and yes you should replace it while you got it a part

WOW Bob it is there passengers side of the engine block next to the water pump the cover is held down with 3 10mm bolts and makes a 90 degree turn right behind the power steering pump brackets. T-Stat is in the next hose down from the one you thought the t-stat was in. After You unbolt several more items and get the transmission cooler hoses off and plugged remove the radiator, fan and surround off you’ll have more room to work. Note the radiator becomes clogged with debris so wash it out back to front with a nozzle and garden hose. Ain't you glad we could have this talk!

Directly at the block end of the upper hose is the thermostat housing. The hose is attached to a fitting bolted to the engine with two bolts. When you remove the fitting, you will see the thermostat inside on the side that bolts to the block.

Be sure and put the new t-stat the right way. Some can go in upside down. Just take a good look before taking the old one out.

Good luck

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