Does the Nissan 350z coupe have rear seats, so that four people can sit in the vehicle?

Or there are only two seats, no rear seats?

The Infiniti G35 G37 also know as the 350gt V35 V36 Which are the new shaped Nissan Skyline.

Those are the 4 seater 350z they room on the same platform against the 2 seater z.






There are only 2 seats.

The back is where the trunk is, which is very very small.

The Infiniti G35 Coupe is the same car as the 350z but seats 4 people and is more luxurious and has a larger trunk, but because of that, it is heavier than the 350z and slower.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe has the same power as the 350z and G35, and has back seats.

Mitsubishi Eclipse GT has similar power and seats 4 people.

Only 2 seats. A 300zx has a 2+2 which has back seats. That’s if you are looking for a sports automobile that can hold 4, but this 4 is 2 adults an the rear seats have not a lot of room an i would cansider these seats for children

Only two front seats, no rear seats. Try the sedan if you are looking for something for four people because the coupe is a sports vehicle…so it is typically made for only two people.

Driver and pasenger only two seats only bins and boxes behind the seats and no glove box in the dash.

no the 350 z is only a 2 seater it is made as drifter car or tournig

it doesnt, they made a virsion for the 350z and in its class but in infiniti, its called G35/37 Coupe

Strictly a 2 seat sports automobile.

Its a two seater.
Not good for automobile insurance.

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