I’ve a 2003 Peugeot 206 1.4 HDI, it has 90000miles on it and has just went through MOT. I noticed that there was a wobble in the rear end, and got the wheels balanced. though the wobble didnt stop. I then noticed one day when driving along a loud bang and I moved my wing mirror that I could see the rear wheel and it was wobbling a lot. I dont have enough money to bring it too a garage as most places where I live would stick their arm in and the problem still not fixed. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am quite handy when it comes to mechanicing. Thanks in advance.

My recommendation ” DONT DRIVE IT ! “

If you are “quite handy” then jack the vehicle up and the fault should be simple to find.

Either it will be loose wheel bolts, or a broken up bearing.

If the bearing is broken it may have damaged the hub and or stub axle.

Yes, you could have some loose bolts but I don't think the problem is the bearing (it will sound like a metal friction) and the bushings don't give you a wobble (more like a bad loud sound when you hit a pot hole or road imperfection). Perhaps your rim is off balance or maybe your tire has some damage (don't just trust that some one did balanced them).

Tell you what: change your tires of position and if the problem persist, its not the tire or the wheel if the problem when to that position them you’ve a bad rim or tire. Replace it and everything will be fine.

Let us know what happened.

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